Christmasey Feelin' Kickin In


How I love that Christmas feeling
How I treasure its friendly glow
See the way a stranger greets you
Just as though you'd met him Christmases ago

Christmas helps you to remember
To do what other folks hold dear
What a blessed place 

the world would be
If we had that Christmas feeling all year 

It's that season of the year again.. Bells jingling in the air, shopping complexes spinning off loads of Christmas songs,  and you'll see kids and teens alike wearing Santa's hat while walking around the streets. And carolers clad in their tees, hopping from home to home, singing Christmas Carols and fervently wishing the host a happy Christmas to come. Such is the Christmas feeling. The only thing is we don't have snow here (I could imagine how nice it would be, throwing snowballs and all those winter gigs). We have our off season monsoon downpour, which everyone comes to term it as 'Keningau's Snow'.. It's wet, it's cold... definitely.

The Christmas feeling is that of charm, bliss and happiness. There can be no better feeling in this world than being with your loved ones, sipping on hot chocolate and just enjoying life in general. It is the time when people go out Christmas shopping and indulge in getting some of the best gifts for everyone they love. There are also plenty of Christmas decorations that are bought and hung to give a complete festive feeling. Holly, mistletoe, pine trees, stars and candy canes have become popular decorations associated with Christmas and has become representative of the beauty that this season and festival seems to represent.

Popular colors of red and green predominate, with trees of green and Santa red being splashed all round the place. Decorations and lights dot the fringes of the neighborhood and people come together to meet their family and enjoy an amazing celebration. Xmas is a time of merriment and all cultures celebrate it with an equal enthusiasm and fervor. Traditional Christmas feasts differ from country to country but the mood is the same and the feeling of love and sharing is experienced by all.

Shops are replete with a lot of books, toys, and new gifts and items that are enthusiastically bought by everyone to be shared with their favorite people. Everyone has special Christmas memories attached with this amazing season because there are so many wonderful associations with this entire concept of Christmas. Children love it because they have fond loving thoughts about the Santa Claus bringing gifts. Cookies and milk are set in table for Santa to have as he comes on his nightly visit to the little children to leave them their favorite gifts by the fireside.

Pictures, symbols, representations and popular myths have become well associated with the entire concept of Christmas celebration. This much loved day is extremely enjoyed by people from different culture. Lights are put up, and decorations come out of the closet to adorn homes and neighborhoods, it is a wonderful feeling of love, hope and happiness. Cities, sub-urbs, nations –there is not a single community or place which has not been affected by the amazing spirit of Xmas. It is extremely special because it provides a relief of sorts from everyday existence and life that makes everything so complicated. It is often a good idea to take a break from everything complicated and speedy and that is exactly what the season of Christmas provides.

Make your Christmas extremely special by enjoying with people you love, give them a lot of time and take part in fun family activities. Prepare a hearty meal together even if you can’t cook too well! Go out ice skating or building a snowman from the snow, shop till you drop and get hold of all the amazing decorations from the shops, take long drives with people you love at night to enjoy the lights and the festive feel. Try helping others if you want to spread the feel.