A Teacher's Creed

believe I have been called by God to teach.
I believe in children...young and old...black and white...rich and poor....each in need of learning.
I believe in blackboards, chalk dust, textbooks, and computers for each has a part in imparting knowledge.
I believe the love I give to my students will someday be reflected in their lives.
I believe the gift of teaching is not measured simply by marks, enrollment, or the end of the school year.
It is in the witness I give and the fullness of the life lived by those I teach.
I believe I have the power to lead those in need of learning to the threshold of their own minds.
I believe in my giftedness to use each of the tools available no matter how new or old..for the light of knowledge in the eyes of another is my goal.
I believe teaching is more than tests, diplomas, paperwork, and fundraising.
It is the values I breathe daily into another...slowly.
It is in the faith I share in Jesus...ever changing and growing...never ending.
I believe my success today goes unnoticed...until those I teach and touch can stand alone and say "in my life I have learned..."
I believe if I have taught and touched one person...in God's name...I have used my gift to me justly..and can humbly say...
I believe in teaching....

~Julie McClellan~

**My Thoughts**

Who would've guessed that I would now end up as a teacher. A teacher is indeed a noble profession. I remembered that I got this creed from a friend before I went for my 1st posting and I pasted it on my wall. Everyday after my morning prayers I would read it through, thanking Jesus Christ that I've indeed being endowed with this beautiful profession called teacher. I've endured everyday life with patience, remembering that my first school was so far and out of reach. Living life was not as easy as teaching A,B,C back then. From patience, I came to love my kids. I've always wondered what will become of them for another 20 years from now... Sure, I'll be happy to be able to see them grow up and be something.. a doctor, a lawyer, or even a teacher like me.. I hope to grow old and see a successful doctor or an intelligent lawyer or a charitable businessman and able to say to the person next to me "hey, that's my kid years back at school..." and be proud of it. I'm happy to be what I am now ~ they'll call me 'cikgu' or 'master'.. what ever it is, I'll be their teacher, who'll be wondering, hoping and praying for them..all the time..

p.s: a teacher affects eternity; you'll never know when their influence stops....