Be Good Feel Good

I woke up this morning after I found myself jilted out in a sudden quick-going fear. I skipped a breath while my heart missed a beat. Is it a nightmare or is it some divine warning that I'm way too far at certain things I did a few days ago..or maybe it's that unconscious guilt building up in me, thus making me feel in this (awkwardly) way..

The truth is..I don't know. Yeah, I've been cursing some people over the net the past few days (those darn people lost their senses in the argument and, unfortunately, so did I) and I find that I'm quite good at shitty talks and cussing at point blank. I felt taken aback, knowing that the cursing and swearing hurts me more than it hurt them. The only thing I said to myself was "what the fuck is going on in my head?"

So, I concocted this Be Good Feel Good kind of "hakuna matata" philosophy to ease myself out. Well, realistically saying, it's a good thought to begin with. "Be good and you'll feel good; to feel good, you must be good".. It's kinda back to back thinking but, I think it'll do just the right magic. Here's the 4 1 1 on the " be good, feel good" thoughts.

Three Ways to Feel Better Now

  1. Reach for your feel-good file and read through it slowly, basking in the accolades you've accumulated there. What? You don't have a feel-good file? Well, it's time to start one. Make a list of every accomplishment of which you're proud. Go back as far as you can recall. From now on, every time someone gives you a compliment or you accomplish something that fills you with pride, put it in your file.
  2. Grab your list of personal values and slowly read through them, acknowledging that someone with this value set is a good person, indeed. What? No personal values list? You guessed it, time to start one. Make a list of every personal characteristic that is very important to you.
  3. Dig out your list of favorite activities, those things you just love to do. Pick one at random and jump into it. If it isn't practical to actually do it, simply daydream about it. Imagine being immersed in this activity and the pleasure you feel whenever you do it. Oops! You don't have this list either? It's time to start a list of everything you really love to do. Go back as far as you can remember. Even the activities you loved as a child have adult versions that will give you just as much pleasure

 I crossed my fingers and hope the magic works ^_^ ( taking a big deep breath), now, back to the warzone