My Christmas Wishlist

Okay, so christmas is on the horizon, and there's less than 4 weeks before we anticipate this one major present swapping and party marathon day. I've been thinking, if Santa does exist, he would not have me in his good boys list but let's think global and more capitalized. If indeed I'm so off his list, I'll shove my wishlist to him anyways haha. Here's what I wished I would get on Christmas, not much but Santa would be really stricken out ^_^.. here's goes...

1. Perodua Myvi SE (Metallic Black and fully accesorized)

Okay, so you guys are thinking..WTF?!! I like it by the way haha.

2. Mac iBook G4

 This baby has been staying for a while in my wishlist ^_^

3.Olympus E-3

I'm no photography aficinado but I do have taste on
high end photography

4. Sony Ericsson Satio

Don't you just LOVE Sony Ericsson?

Now, these are the 4 things I would like to have for this Christmas and.... hey..Santa...Santaaaa...come back here this instance!!! Are you deaf or sumthin'? Don't play dumb! Saaanta.!!!


Aj said...

vynne: santa no longer serving people by sending a gift to them. Santa Claus now lived in germany and use his real name Klaus Meine and sing with a band scorpions. Same goes with rudolf, now rudolph schenker also play guitar in scorpions