Confused? Quite Contrary..


First and foremost whatever I’ve posted here implies to no one. This is merely the post-thoughts and recollections of a get together I’ve been last week. I was overwhelmed by a friend, whom I got to know (before he went out of the closet that is..)

Well, frankly speaking, too bad, for a man with a good look and physique like him, no one bounds to believe he is one of those“rainbow warrior” (catch my drift?)

A secret well concealed over the years and finally, over a crack of beer he decided to let the cat out of the bag. For him, it was a triumphant moment, but for the rest of us, it was as if boulders upon boulders of rocks hits us right on the cerebral cortex.  What the fuck, I mean, him? GAY?

I have nothing against him, nor his true self.I find some people who came to know the fact that he IS a fag felt tremendously uncomfortable to say the least. I mean, okay, so he’s one fruitcake boy but does he deserve to be rejected by the society?

But there was some of us there who are totally open-minded over this matter. Most of them including me salutes his courage to walk out in this narrow mindset society of us. I mean, it took a lifetime courage for me to stand up for my rights when I was openly and intentionally mistreated by my former GB and here he was, blissfully blurting out his most guarded secret. Now that’s what I called courage.

Later, he texted me, asking for a third opinion. Whether he have had made the wrong move. Whether his coming out was a stupid thing to do and the possibilities of him losing his best buds and pals. I told him everything he should hear, and I was being totally frank over the matter. Telling him what he wanted to hear could make things even more sloppier for him. Whatever that I’ve told him seems enough to convince him to move forward, and I pray that he would succeed and prevail.

And after the long counsel with him, I thought to myself ‘Gosh, Can things be be more dramatic than this’? Feels like living in America hehe ^^

I remembered one song by the Hanson Brothers, titled ‘Weird’, that has this catchy phrase in it..

When you live in a cookie cutter world where being different is a sin…

After the whole gamut I’ve underwent last week, well, to think of it as a whole, I don’t want to live in a fucking stereotype cookie cutter like world, and being different, what so sinful about it?

He asked me ‘Merv, now I’m not insinuating anything, but after all this, would you be still my friend?

I replied ‘Of course ^^ That’s for sure’


Still, I think Emma Watson has grown herself a big, decent boobs, don’t you think?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

i noticed the weird sculpture first! but im a girl so this test is void huh? :D
anyway, about this gay caught in between, part of me is ok with it, but the other is not..sometimes they disgust me, sometimes i pity them...but ur friend has really the BALLS to come out...