Who says winning isn’t everything?


When it comes to competitive situations, we bound to hear people saying this adage

Tidak apa, yang penting, kita sudah mencuba..”

Kalau kalah, kita cuba lagi lain kali”

This school holidays got me all cracked up over my ‘loss’ on the InterZone Track and Field Competition held early this year. What more, my HM was not impressed with the performance of my athletes. She started to doubt my coaching ability, and though we did manage to move one rank up, she still considers it as ‘ rookie’s luck’.

I was shattered into pieces. She did not need to say it verbally, her expressions tells me everything.

She despise it. She detest it. It was incredulously unacceptable.

While everyone was busy holidaying, I was busy picking up my pride, and I swear, this time, there’s no more ‘rookie’s luck’. Cuz, this time, Winning Is Everything!

I ran through books upon books of Track and Field training programs I kept stashed away after the sports. I was looking through videos upon videos of new training regimes that I could adapt and use it onto my kids. I was burning with vengeance, especially remembering how my head coach (I posted about him somewhere inside this blog) looked down at me, yet again, when he himself were unable to produce any athlete during this year’s fielding. And the second class treatment my athletes received during centralized training is unfair and unacceptable. Coupling all that, I am most determined to bring down those 3 schools that dominates the Track and Field Competition. Yes, they are going down! I will get the respect I deserve as a coach at school, at the Interzone Level and at any levels my athletes may pass through. Most importantly, my HM would turn her head and look at me at the eyes while I blare it out to her ‘ My winnings will not be any ‘rookie’s luck’ this time ma’am" Cuz, For me WINNING IS EVERYTHING!!

Winning is Everything.Second Place just means you’re the FIRST LOSER!!