Life’s expectations


I am blogging this because I felt like I have never been so messed up before. Life has been slapping me with so much things, I felt like I am all lost in between. Juggling for a balanced life is no easy task ~ for a student, you may still smile and swap your daylights with crazy things and still study for that big exam coming soon.

For me (and the rest of us working class peeps) balanced life is something like a holy grail. You know it’s there, but you’ve to go through hell to get it. I am lucky that I’m still happily single, cause I know, family life and professional life is hard to get by. A sick child may just pose that ultimate guilt, when you have to face your boss with that excuse, while he/she may give his/her ‘yes’ there’s always a string attached to it.

Yep, life’s slapping hits hard to our hearts ~

So, what do we expect from life?

Here’s some interesting people with their views of life (and their expectations)

“ pain & failure
what i expect and what i create are two different things
my mind ( the machinery is in charge of expectations)
and 'it' mostly expects pain and failure
i create from self which has no expectations or is not limited by expectations
if you ask another question What Do You Create In Your Life - then i will answer that as well “ ~ RebirthOfYou

“ I expect to live long, laugh well, and love mostly all that I think is good and right. I expect to be successful in my career choices and I know the only way to do that is to live one day at a time and take nothing for granted “. ~ Dannuelle

“ Its offerings; but more importantly knowing what I want and matching it to life's offerings”. ~ Hello_World

“ To NOT let things get too comfortable in life, to constantly expand the imaginary walls of my comfort zone (horrible cliche, I know), to not avoid pain and suffering to the extent of avoiding life, to live in places where I'm a minority, to challenge myself physically, not to watch more than two hours of TV per week, to give all my attention to my friends, children and lovers when I'm with them, to take my writing to unexplored places “ ~  MaDe_FrOm_EmBryOniC StEm CeLLs

“ work and heartache, and random joys that make the other worthwhile, at least for a while. And then, finally, I may be allowed to rest “ ~ Ruth C

“ I expect some hard times, some laughter, and hope. I expect that I will live a life with some meaning, to someone, somewhere, and that I will be remembered fondly someday when I die. I expect a fulfilling life. If these things do not happen, then I have failed, because everyone should be able to expect all of these”. ~ Angeliss

Many people with different views of life and what to expect. So I guess even IF I messed up with my life, there’s still ways to improve it, yes?


It's not what I expect out of life-it's what I expect out of myself.