A Snap Of Thoughts


It is 1 am. I have not yet taken my bath ~ but it’s okay ^^

There’s not much to say about this post, it’s just that I need to let out and so I hope everything is okay.

My best friend’s mother passed away this week. It came as a shock to me. Though I did not met his mother and get to know her more, her loss seems to have an impact on me. My friend Lu Tze Fui, was a close friend of mine. We spent our college days together. He was, well, a momma’s boy, while I was a wild card, and was able to cope and adjust to my immediate surroundings rather easily. The demise of Lu’s mom have had a greater impact on him, since he was so close to his mom than he is to his dad. I feel your sadness too my friend, and I pray that you will have all the courage in this world to go on with life as usual.

“ Kepada mereka yang masih mempunyai ibu dan bapa, hargailah dan sayangilah mereka”

Lu posted this in his Facebook wall last week. I could only say ‘how true’. It makes me reflect back the first week of my holidays, where I suffered a nasty burn on my calf. Mom was the one patiently took charge cleaning and dressing my wound, with all the tender and care and love, until it healed. I wished I could do more to show her I appreciated her care, rather than just a mere ‘Thank You’.

Funny that someone’s loss makes you feel more close to the one you love so much. But I guess that is how things worked out, as God have had wanted it to be.

Sometimes things were not as rosy between me and mom; most of the times, we would disagree on how things are done, and sometimes I would trade barbs with mom over some opinions for all what is worth.

But as I grow older, I know mom is always right, no matter how impossible it is to refute them. Obviously since Mom, being brought up in a compassionate, ultra-conservative surrounding held to her principals, while I, being a free, open minded person, stands out as a perfect opposite to her.

It won’t be that way, anymore.

I love you mommy, and I don’t care if the world shuns me as an overgrown momma’s boy. I will forever be your momma’s boy mom. 

I thank God not for the wealth of money and Gold, but the most precious gift of all ~ my mom, whom I find tender, loving care within.

Mom and Dad