Christmas is in the air … but…


Apart from the occasional torrential rainy season, yes, Christmas is looming in the horizon

And maybe, not the best Christmas celebration for me, though : ( ….

When everyone is prepping themselves for Christmas, I find myself looming over the thoughts that this coming Yuletide celebration, I won’t be having my beloved sister around to celebrate it with..

Since she will be working on the 26th, the decision came that she would celebrate Christmas at her fiancé's home, and with her examinations just around the corner, well, the tidings did not favor us, since she wants to study and all…

For a close knit family, I think most of you would understand the feeling of not having your loved ones beside you during this festive season. I may sound childish, and rather selfish, but sometimes, I find myself hard to adjust with these changes.

In fact, this would be our first time celebrating Christmas away from each other since we were kids.. that awkward feelings clinging onto you ~ It doesn’t help much, in fact, I felt a bit saddened inside..

Well, too bad, she will be happily married next year, so inasmuch, I must learn to cope with this little changes in my family. I knew deep inside me that she’s trying as hard as it is to cope with this changes too, but for the sake of happiness, I think we must let the changes settle in.

For my dearest sister, Joyce, just remember that our love for you will lighten your Christmas day, and I promise, we’ll have it like our childhood days again next year ^^