New Me ~ Hopefully


Seriously guys, for a teacher, there’s nothing more than a heartfelt welcome to the year end’s holiday, after nearly a whole year of toiling sweats, not to mention exasperating parents, and those frequently agitating students.

Hopefully I won’t be blogging about how the holidays rots on me though, for this school break, I’ve planned to do things that I’ve wanted to do all this while..

Like for example … toning down my Double Extra Large chubby self to a fully fledged Medium Sized Guy. Yes, that is my priority now, since I’ll be having a fresh athletics team next year, I need to be well-shaped so that coaching them will be easier ~ rather than breaking your back in the process.

and I’ve managed to keep up to my side of the bargain in this weight loss thingy ~ I’ve been procrastinating myself from all those fast foods especially those oil laden chicken breasts, burgers filled with mayo, and those fries …

and I’ve cut down my sugar intake, and have had been gulping over gallons of water ; a lesson well learned after a week of pain and agony ( a calculi (bladder stone) got stuck somewhere in my urethra and It was like a walk to hell every time I want to pee… It went out a week later, and I promised myself NOT to EVER-EVER get into such trouble again..

and I need to quit smoking ~ ten years of smoking galore is enough, cause it will take me fifteen years to get my lungs fully purged from the nicotine and other stuff.

With that, I hope to see the new me next year ~ but then, holidays are filled with temptations,  hopefully I’ll be able to get over that before anything else ^^



Amanda Christine Wong said...

when there's a will, there's a way says the cliche! good luck mervyn!

Master Mervyn said...

hehe, thanks for the encouragement Amanda ^^ I hope that I'll be able to do this ^^