My Rambling October and my wildest Imagination kenen…


Yes, October 2010 has been a rambling month.

Forget about the fucking parents, October is like a spot reserved for teachers in hell, cuz there’s a lot of works to be done. And Exams..


Not only that I have to cover 92 students x 8 Papers, I HATE IT even more to do those other menial tasks ~ Headcounts, Performance Analysis, Final Semester Report.. I prefer blabbering for 2 hours in my class, rather than sitting in the Staffroom, fiddling with your calculator, typing your analysis, and having a flat butt after all that long sitting hours.. I was a totally darken out noob when it comes to mathematics, lest it be in statistics, a subject I nearly flopped during my Semester VI internship in Kent College.

[ holding my breath ] arrrgh..I hate those statistics… =.=

So I decided to fleet away in my dreamiest of dreams and rekindle with the material side of me. Sometimes, it’s therapeutic ^^ most of the times, it would be like committing suicide, especially when your dream comes true, and your wallet (and account) runs kaput.

What do I want to reward myself this year..hrmm.. okay, let’s play along with this one..this is one game I liked most, the kunun-kunun game. I learned this from a counsellor I met during one of those National Level English Course.. First, visualise the things you wanted most ( if you have the brochure, the picture of that particular item, the better), look at it and visualise you are using it. Feel the tangible feeling when you imagined those items, and at the end, simply say kunun-kunun lah hehe.

It’s simple, it goes like this…

Me: I want …  ( a very long ‘want’)blackberry_9000_bold

A Blackberry 9000 Bold

Kalau dapat la kunun…hehehehe ^^



A Sony Alpha a55v

Itupun kalau la dapat kunun..hehehehe ^^

ahhh, this is very soothing… then, you can start visualising those thing you would dream of, then, voila, sometimes, your dreams would come true.. after you’ve worked hard on it, unconsciously. I did this, and that’s how I got my dream DSLR, among other things I’ve always wanted ^^ I don’t know what psychologists would coin this, but being materialistic sometimes works many wonders ^^

Strange, but it does work…

Okey, I’m visualizing this, and I want a ….


Proton Inspira V1 …yaaaaiiiii….mangkali…hahahaha ^^