This post is dedicated to my ever dearest baby brother cum cousin for his exemplary act of decision-making. Not only he screwed so bad, his decisions are now haunting him back.

One standing ovation my dear bro.

It all started when he came back late from school one day. I was there with his mom and dad, chatting the afternoon away. As he came, dear old dad asked why he came late, and he fumingly told it's because of the darn car he had chartered. Not only the driver came late, she was ultimately not a punctual driver. My bro told his dad that if this continues, he would not wait and just hitch for a bus ride home. His dad shoved to him some crude advice. Being a hard headed noob, he went straight to his father's face and rebutted the old man. A little fight soon ensues, with my everdearest cousin made a quick flight to his aunt's house nearby, naturally because he knew it all to well whatever we grownups said is true and he has been menegakkan benang basah. But No one anticipated that he would do the most stupidest thing in his living world..

By self-transferring himself to the lowest ranked school in Keningau

Yes, self-transferring. The art of DIY school transfer, all in the noble cause of 'saya tidak mau kasi susah² daddy, mummy sama abang.." Fark, they should've security clearance before administering the transfer for pete's sake.

And now, less than a week he's been in that darn school, he's about to be bashed out of his daylights by the local school gangster,and no doubt, it's all because of girls. As a teacher I knew this school all to well ~ I just hope my bro's gonna make it to the end of this year.

Okay, the truth is, I would like to see him bashed out so that he would listen to me and his folks next time AND NOT going about making major decisions for himself. Of course, I would not be hoping for anything bad to happen, but his badly bruised ego would do me justice.

So that he would not cross me out anymore anytime in the future.