It was raining cats and dogs, and with the net being a bit sluggish, I decided to recall my passion and long forgotten ambition ~ to become a Pilot. HaHa, I'm living my teaching life comfortably now but thanks to Flight Simulator X, I managed don myself as a pilot, even though I did not fly the real thing. For today's fixture, I'll be flying the B737-300 and land it safely...

My B737-300

Imaginary ATC: Beta Three Seven, you're cleared to descent to FL250.

Me: Affirmative ATC, slow descent to FL250 heading zero zero three decimal one.

Me to imaginary Co-Pilot: Landing Gear Down..

Me to imaginary ATC: Maintaining hold position at FL250

Imaginary ATC: Roger Beta Three Seven. Maintain FL250. You're clear to land at Romeo Two Seven Left when ready.

Me to imaginary ATC: Roger that, clearing FL250. Initiating landing at Romeo Two Seven Left. Slope Guide on. Cutting throttle to one five.

Imaginary ATC: Beta Three Seven, you're coming in too fast..

Me: ANU (Airplane Nose Up) angle is banked at forty five degrees. Please advise.

Computer on cockpit: Pull Up...Pull Up..Pull Up..

Imaginary ATC: Trim your elevators, set to FL150 mark zero seven seven decimal one, bank left and make another attempt to land..

Me: Roger ATC (Computer voice: Steep Angle...Pull Up..Pull Up..Pull Up..) shit....

Imaginary ATC: Beta Three Seven, your descend angle is high, please be advised for possible tail strike...

At this point...I was already dead with the rest of my passengers... : p The moral of the story is; I make one lousy pilot HaHa


Daniel Chiam said...

you sure do sound like a pilot there :D haha