Does The World 'Really' Ends In 2012?

Here's another hype in Tinseltown. A movie that gauges people to believe, up to the point that my inbox was filled with callings to this particular year. 2012. or 23rd of December 2012 to be exact. People were saying that the world is definitely going to end on the exact time and date of that year. My question is, will it be the planet's final curtain in 2012? Are we now counting days and second to the 'End'? I'll not be reviewing the movie yet, but let's put it to an open discussion. Why 2012? The 2012 commotion spawned from an ancient Mayan calendar that shows significantly when (exactly) the world ends. Do we have to wait for the year 2012AD to see it for real of what would happen to this planet and its annihilation? Many religion, cultures and beliefs out there do affirm on to the fact that the world would end at any time. The question of 'when' is considered out of bound. When exactly the world ends is beyond us. I mean, we've gone through bouts of wars and never ending armed conflicts, diseases and illnesses that kills hundred millions of people, famines and natural disaster that seems to be more frequent in our news lately. And then, out of chaos and mass confusion, here we are mostly saying that the world would end in 2012 without doubting it. But is it for real? I mean, to say the world is going to end in 2012 is quite a short-sighted perspective, just because of some Mayan calendar and Nostradamus being blatantly saying about it. The end of the world is a divine matter. It'll take a divine being like God to usher a divinely end to this not so divine world. Literary speaking, the world has already 'ended' when we had lost our humanity ages ago as we wage our wars and uphold worldly sentiments, mocked religions and abused our planet. So why wait for 2012?