Today's like no ordinary Friday..

I woke up this morning at around 5.45am. Since everyone at home is all early birds, you have to be virtually fighting for the bathroom queues. As I waited for my turn, I took some extra minutes to go through the net, posting and replying on my Facebook and listen to some music. Since I've finished with our school plan yesterday, I took some liberty of going through it again before submitting it to our Headmistress. Hopefully the Ministry of Education's Schools Division would accept our proposal for the addition of another two blocks of building by next year. I saw my planner lying around the table... bath first, I said to myself..

All done and over with, after a "tummy full" breakfast with my folks and siblings, I lazily drove my Toyota Unser to school. I mean, it's gloomy, it's cold and all I can think about this friday was sleeping around killing the hours. I saw my planner again, on the passengers seat. Nope, maybe later, I'm driving. I told myself so.

I arrived at school, only 3 minutes late. But it's okay, at least for today, since we were having the launching of 1MRP around 8.30am and everyone was busy moving around doing their tasks. The headmistress was busy relegating the work load to everyone, including our students, while her "secretary" a.k.a me, was walking half heartedly to the staffroom. The planner was in my hands. I put it on my table, and set to pace out with everyone...

The sight of exam papers everywhere makes me feel dizzy. Piles of them, some marked, most of it still on the waiting list. I went to the Office, at least the sight of it doesn't piss me off that much. Came our headmistress in red, so I went on and gave her the school plan. She smiled. Everything's perfect to the exact scale. I'm no engineer but luckily I've got the skills at hands. Then, Kak Nida, my colleague, who was the emcee for the launching ceremony, enquires me on the tentative..What Tentative? Tentative? Oh My God..........

I got to my table, look at my planner and there it was..written in large bold red ink pen it says.. "Tentative, Must Be Completed A.S.A.P"...My God!!! I've had totally forgotten about the tentative... Not allowing my HM seeing this, I sneaked out and begs Aunt Deita, our clerk, for me to use the computer, the printer and some coloured cards... Almost instantaneously, I started typing out the tentative like hell.... (my HM is soo meticulous when it comes to work; you have to go through it to the minute details so imagine the stress that comes with it)....

A sigh of relief~ my tentative, finally done, and everyone helped on cutting it to size. I managed to do a dry run on my choir team, and at last, I settled down in the hall, while following the flow of the occasion..

Post Launching Agenda ~ with the launching ceremony carried out to completion, we gathered ourselves and surprised our HM with a simple, 4 course lunch.. It was a happy moment, our HM was really surprised and, after cutting her birthday cake, our PKIII even offered her a bite of the cake (..representing her husband, he said..) and everyone laughs and enjoyed the sight.. We ate, and my oh my, I nearly burst a button on my batik because I was so full... we chat, we laugh together some more and for once (and I hope it'll stay that way forever in SK.Liau), I felt like I'm amongst my best of kins...we're family for sure; a big, complicated but happy and united family of teachers in our school. Thank God for everything today. (even though I missed a few keys while playing the keyboard and sweated profusely for some reasons I don't know..maybe I was hungry hehehehe...)

Endnote~I wished I could've said the same thing about my former school... The End