1Malaysia Reading Programme...

We've just finished with our examination week and our work load seems to be for eternity.. Not only we have to crush our noodles to mark the exam papers (which can go on until the wee hours of morning), comes in the 1Malaysia Reading Programme a.k.a a pain on our butts..

Like, can't it wait? The paperwork strictly ordered us to start off on the 26th of October (in the midst of the final semester exam) and reports must be submitted to the DEO exactly on the 15th November ( schools must abide to the date, it added).. and I think it is quite (I quote: craptastic!!) since there's no way we could fit it in to our schedule.. but again, when the headmaster says his piece of mind about the matter, there's nothing much to say anymore..

My head felt heavy, and I'm a bit blurred out since early this week. I think the reason is because of the extreme work I have to endure the entire week through..

I can't wait for the holidays to come...I need some time to space out...