Crush and what's not

It has been a while (really a while) since my last entry in this blog of mine. Life has been stupendously busy and merciless to a point that I broke up stressed, dismayed and on the edge of being depressed. But thank God, I was able to pick up the bits and pieces of myself and move on.

But nothing beats being in a crush - that strong, inner feeling which lingers in your mind and in your heart and toys around with your logic and emotions. And it has been a while since I last loved someone and I am still getting over the breakup and here I am fancying crazily on the wrong person, so wrong that it could actually mess up my life. I was too embarassed to spill the beans to anyone (even my closest buds and my parents too) so I decided to comb the Net in search for the 'cure'. Believe me, I value my crush highly and I don't want my infatuations and lust degrades my inner perception towards that person. So I came onto another fellow blogger's blog and here is what she recommends ( I have been digesting this for a while)

Having a crush on celebrities is different from having a crush on someone you know in real life. It is so strange and funny whom all we can have our crush on. On our teacher, doctor, hotel guest, supervisor, driver, friend, coach etc. We all have our own weird stories of having a crush. It is fun talking about them once we are over it. But it is no fun going through that nervousness, inner turmoil and being occupied with thoughts of the person we have a crush on. It is not as funny as it sounds to our friends, when we share with them.

Sometimes our delicate feelings for someone can take very ugly shape that we don’t want to even recall its memories. We may put ourselves through embarrassment, shame and humiliation. We don’t want to put our selves through a destructive experience for mere crush – who doesn’t even know we exist. It is better we handle it well.

When having a crush on someone we tend to make fool of our selves and often act very dumb. Here are few things that you should avoid doing.
• Don’t talk about your feelings to people who know the person you have crush on. Their teasing, winking, whispering will only encourage your feelings to go wild and it’s not good for you.
• Learn about the person from other people. Learn what others think about the person rather than being stubborn about how nice you think the person is.
• Don’t confess your feeling to him or her outright. First, try to find what he or she thinks about you or about a relationship through other friends or by throwing indirect questions.
• Don’t send gifts, flowers, letters or cards as if he or she was your boyfriend or girlfriend, especially when you don’t know the person that well. Nothing is more embarrassing than this.
• Don’t work too hard to impress the person. Be yourself. If he or she really wants you, he or she will make a move.
• If your crush becomes unbearable, face it head on. Speak to the person honestly; tell him or her how it has been a struggle for you and you want to be freed from such unrealistic imaginations. Put an end to it, if there is nothing happening on the other side.
• If you have a crush on someone who is already in a relationship, don’t take your feelings seriously. Accept the fact and try overcoming your feelings.

Having a crush is natural. We are drawn to some people for qualities they posses and we don’t care whether they are drawn to us in the same way. We just know we are. We begin to imagine and before we even realize, we are occupied with the thoughts about them. What we need to realize is that our feelings are temporary. It’s a phase and it will come to pass. Don’t grow anxious or do anything foolish in haste.

When you have a crush, don’t dry to ignore your feelings but accept that you do fancy someone strongly. And submit your feelings to God. Ask God to take control of your feelings and protect you from committing a blunder or being overtly controlled by your feelings. God says “Nevertheless I am continually with You; You do hold my right hand.” Psalm 73:23. Ask God to give you self control and wisdom to handle a crush well.

I have been reading it through and thoroughly and Jesus my Lord I jus hope I can overcome this feelings. I don't want to repeat my mistakes.

Christmas ~ What’s In For Me ^^


Today, 27th December 2011, 3rd Day Of Christmas …

It has been raining since yesterday. It looks like the app on my Blackberry had been playing foul on me  (it was sunny day all the entire week through, according to that crappy app). Not that I am complaining, but rainy season could hamper (and dampens) the moods and walkabouts of many, especially Christmas is still hanging around the air.

I wonder if you guys are still having that Christmassy feeling, now that it is working day ( the overall feeling is all-too-formal ), plus with the school  reopening next week. There’s a lot of backlogged work to tussle with, not to mention getting the kids all prepped up for school.

Which in many ways, made me proud to be Single….and Carefree ~

AND I am pretty sure most of you guys are still counting presents ya? ^^ The feeling is mutual. I got presents upon presents, but the killer would be Buberry’s The Beat. My God, it was as if my sister read my mind, since I’ve been wanting this baby so much ^^


Love this XOXOXOXO ♥♥♥♥♥

Leaping in joy I was, upon seeing this present of mine (believe me, I am exaggerating this), and Yes, and though I ‘suck’ on almost ‘everything,’ I am especially a ‘sucker’ for perfumes. Burberry is especially exceptional.  Well, need I say more? I am a Teacher, I must be well dressed, and smell great ^^ A good looking teacher would look appealing to everyone, including his students, kan, kan, kan..


But of course, being good looking tu tidaklah sampai begini ^^ I ain’t handsome ( I’m kinda cute, but not that handsome, gorgeous,hunky type hahaha)

Smile with tongue out Eiks…cukup la imagining things tu Merv, hehehehe.  Happy 3rd day of Christmas guys and please do take care when you’re out gallivanting ya.