Prelude to Sports Day Part One


Sports Day is here again, and I am in dwelling in my utmost natural surrounding ~ the sports stadium.

Yes, scorched skin (only this time, my friends says, ‘ rata sun burn ko vyn..’ hehe), swift dwindling energy level, fatigue and a messed up thoughts, emotions, expectations, rolled into one and repackaged into Mervyn Simon Peter, Sports Mode.

And I was given only two weeks to set up my athletes for the competition. What gives..

Plus, since we were the host for this year’s InterZone MSSM Zon Apin-Apin Track and Field Championship, mentioning about the other workloads other than those on the fields is thought cracking.

I’ve been a walking 30 years old man with a life swiftly passing each day ~ only to be filled with exhaustion, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

My kids ~ I hope they will do okay in their athletics discipline. As far as I remembered, this is the very moment that I’ve put more than 100% of my effort in team building, coaching and technical babblings. I hope, not for me, but for them, that they would do well and excel in the sports competition.

Fingers crossed, I hope everything would be okay tomorrow..