My 2011 Feng Shui Outlook


Do you know the 2011 outlook for the Monkey zodiac person in the 2011 rabbit year horoscope? What are the fortunes for the Monkey in the 2011 Chinese astrology Monkey predictions? There are much to be learnt from the wisdom of the east through the 2011 Monkey horoscope predictions as the readings will give us the wealth, health and romance secrets for those who are born in the Year of the Monkey. The personality and characteristic of the Monkey will tell us their strengths and weaknesses and thus we will know the 2011 feng shui outlook for those with the Monkey zodiac sign. Use this complete 2011 astrological guide for the Monkey in the Year of the Rabbit to make the metal rabbit year your best and most prosperous year. Use these Monkey astrology predictions to your best advantage.

The 2011 Year of the Rabbit will bring many happy moments for the Monkey. Since Monkey are known to be intelligent, well read and smart, they will most likely enjoy good career developments in the rabbit year. The Monkey are good and convincing talker and they like to participate in discussions and debate. The rabbit year will be very rewarding for them if they are in the PR business. The Monkey will sometimes achieve their aims quicker that other zodiac animals because they are seen to be more cunning, crafty and occasionally dishonest. They have so much charm that others tend to fall for their tricks. Monkey may have so much confidence in themselves that they rarely listen to others and this may sometimes caused their own downfall. The Monkey in 2011 need to address this negative aspect of the lives.

The 2011 Monkey horoscope predicts a good rabbit year for the Monkey because they are seen as the master of self-preservation. Monkey will have good wealth luck as they are known to have many diverse talents that could bring in more income in the metal rabbit year. More diversification means more money and getting rich faster. The Monkey loved their freedom and will become unhappy if they tied down by rules and regulations. They sometimes find it hard to concentrate on a single task when the task becomes boring. They can easily become distracted when a new opportunity arises. Monkey can find true love and romance with those who have the signs of the Dragon, Goat, Pig and Rat. More Dragon horoscope in 2011 here. hereThe Monkey must avoid the Tiger since the Tiger will have little patience with their tricks.

The Metal Monkey who are born in 20th February 1920 to 7th February 1921 or in 16th February 1980 to 4th February 1981 will have a good chance to achieve some positive results according to the 2011 Chinese horoscope rabbit year predictions because they are very strong-willed people. The Metal Monkey set about everything they do with dogged determination. Their wealth will keep on increasing because they are very astute in financial matters and have the ability to choose the best investments.
The 2011 astrological forecasts for the Water Monkey tell us that they are prepared to work towards a specific goal rather than be distracted by new openings. They are more likely to get the rewards because unfinished tasks usually signaled failure. The Water Monkey, born between 6th February 1932 to 25th January 1933 or between 4th February 1992 to 22nd January 1993, can be sensitive to criticism and this may prevent others from telling them the truth about their projects.

If your birthdate is between 25th January 1944 to 12th February 1945 or between 22nd January 2004 to 8th February 2005, then your Chinese zodiac animal sign will be the Wood Monkey. The Wood Monkey horoscope in 2011 rabbit year predicts a good period for the Wood Monkey as they are very efficient, methodical and conscientious when carrying out their work. They are not afraid to take risks and are held in great esteem by their friends and colleagues. However, when things do not go their way, the Wood Monkey can get really agitated.

The 2011 rabbit outlook for the Fire Monkey is very positive. The Fire Monkey are born between 12th February 1956 to 30th January 1957 and their competitive nature will allow then to succeed in the Year of the Rabbit. The Fire Monkey are intelligent and will have no problem commanding the respect of the colleagues at the workplace. The only disadvantage seen in the personality of the Fire Monkey is that they can have wide interests and may be easily distracted.

The Earth Monkey who are born in 30th January 1968 to 16th February 1969 can be very distinguished in their chosen line of work as they tend to have lucky career luck. The Earth Monkey are less outgoing and prefer quieter pursuits. The metal rabbit year will be financially good to them as seen in the 2011 Monkey Chinese astrology predictions because they are successful in handling financial matters and have the chance to become very rich in the future. The Earth Monkey are usually well liked by their families and acquaintances.