And Here I Ramble

Yes, it's here alright. Rainy days are getting wetter here in Keningau, and with no breaks in the clouds too, especially in the evenings.

And with the wet season setting in, comes the ever so typical flu a.k.a cold, comes in different names, but still ~ it's nasty, and I'm showing its telltale sign already... *.sigh..

My camera is nicely tucked inside my locker.. there's nothing much to shoot after Seoul and Beijing. I've been down with a calculi (batu karang) recently and God knows how my journey to the loo was one hell of an experience ( imagine peeing with a stone stucked in your urethra ) ..and I assure you, the pain was nerve wrecking ...

But alas, it went out today, and I'm calculi free ^^ but again good ol' flu is knocking in. I'm feeling a bit giddy, lethargic and with a heavy head kinda feeling.

And next week, the old fart from my old school will be walking about in my current school... will be doing some 'penyeliaan' said my HM... which adds onto my woes...cuz I hate that old fart.

Flu+Old Fart = I don't know how whether I would fair better next week =.=  ....argh..fark !!!! I hate double-whammies like this...
How I wish that I could sit the day off, sipping on a cup of coffee, feeling great and healthy
and free from mind boggling thoughts...