Unrequited Love~


I am a man of many words. But I do fail miserably when it comes to expressions of feelings. It is either because of that, or I was destined to be the honorable bachelor in my family, as in referring my current state of being…

Do I believe in love at first sight? I do, well, technically. I am a non risk taker; I do not like to take unnecessary risks and at some degrees I am so meticulously careful that I could even say I am in total paranoia. There have been many situations where I know some people are making a pass on me but I did manage to, urm, ‘silence them’.

Scary huh.

For me feelings and its state of being is not to be toyed with. It is straightforward, an entity which reacts to its surroundings. The yin and yang of our feelings is that when you’re happy, there’s time you’ll be sad, when you laugh, there will be that moment you’ll cry. A simple Zen philosophy that I applied to my feelings. Like every normal people out there, I do fall in love ( in refuting my cousin’s claim that I’m too stiff to  be in love)

Do you believe in that mother’s tale, when you’re thinking of that particular person so much, he/she is thinking of you too?

How I wish it is true ~