My June WishList


I’ve always wanted to have this baby all this time. And finally I would be able to have my own web album : ) yay!!


and now, for sure, I’ll be clicking away with it pretty soon, as in after this month’s salary ^^. It costs around RM2099… complete with the 18mm-55mm Zoom Lens. It’s pretty basic actually. If you want to add on the ‘ummph’ you might want this..


A 200mm macro lens worth RM593..


or this sweetie with a RM12,459 price tag..


or this magnificent piece worth RM24,599…

not to mention accessories that can cost you a hefty RM10K++….

all is worth for beautiful pictures like this..


or this…


all of which you can google it for free off the net!!




Daniel Chiam said...

Punya mahal lense dia! But sony is not really a beginner friendly, haha, tried it before... but cant deny that it really took some great pictures :D

Master Mervyn said...

Daniel: ya bah daniel, skali I went through the list of accessories and its price(s),boleh buat berian untuk 6 kali kahwin ooo hehehehehe. Anyways, ya I agree Sony Alpha is not quite novice friendly. I've tried my hands on some Sony DSLRs mau juga tu instruction manual nearby o,for reference ^^