It was just another day...

I woke up late today. Not that really late, but way beyond my waking hours. I was overwhelmingly happy (sort of) because I could skip another day without going to the hassle and dazzle of school. I was assigned to attend a Taklimat Penyengaraan ICT which started around 9am. Believe me, although Mr.Junggal was so entertaining, I could have sworn I dozed off a few times, surrounded by all the headmasters and other teachers. The day was routine; after the Taklimat, I went home, all home alone, walked around in my underwear, and picked off a nice cool spot in my living room to continue dozing off, until, my aunt rings from the hospital.

And I thought she was asking for me to send her home, instead, she sounded so serious I sensed that something was not right.

And it was.

Somehow my baby brother ( a name I've coined my cousin Ayrone Yap) was beaten up yesterday by a group of thugs. I felt darned. Hurriedly I got dressed and went to the hospital. Upon arriving, my aunt was there talking to some people, and I saw my baby brother sitting alone, withdrawn, and fairly unscathed (apart from his bruised ego, thank God he's in one piece). And it took me and baby bro to the Police Station for interrogation, only then by a referral letter from the Police that I would be able to seek necessary treatments.

One thing for sure, If I could get my hands on those cock-sucking thugs, I'll beat the daylight out of each and everyone of them with my bare hands. Believe me!! (fuming!!)

PS: I know, my predicament is a bit bollywoodish here but hey, no one cross me nor my bro