Head Coach, You're Jerk!! Be Gone!!

I know it's Lent, and it is when your local parish would sa 'be nice and kind to each other..' But, Life is with exceptions, and ultimately this is my not so usual rambling about oh! how nice you've been and still people stumps you right on your ass. Why do you have to be so sweet and nice and at the end people would just shove you under the doormat and steps on you like you're goner? Like, I'm gonna ask how fair is life? save me from that complexity and yes, my Head Coach is an Uncredible Jerk. I'll just put it straight out.

Never in my professional life that I've been treated to such a lowly, undignified 'Team Work" where you do the dirty work and your so called HC sits comfortably under the shades with a few of his cronies and made some very,very serious judgment on your otherwise flawless capabilities. The sight of his bloated belly in tight belly hugging cheap shirt wearing cheap tracksuits and those cheap  pair of shoes which weren't even meant for athletics training while blabbering rubbish instantly landed him the Ugliest Jerk in my List of Jerks. He's the Head Coach,yes, as most teachers would recognize him to be, but for me, he's the Head Cocksucker, a low land gorilla with a small prick to match with his jerkiness. My say is, Never EVER pass your judgment on me you JERK when you yourself FAILED to complete your own work right away from the start!!

Yes HC, You're THAT Uncredible Jerk

~ I feel a lot better now...


eLSa said...

u know vyn...somewhere in tbn..there's a man that so damn irritated and i called him DUMB ASS!! d worst thing is, i've got to met him everyday!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha...doesn't it feel better to let everything out? just make sure your he (or his cronies) doesn't read this!