1st Week Recap


It's the first week of January, and this is my 1st blog for this week. It has been a long, arduous week with workloads piling high, expectations to be met, kids and their never ending antics and of course, my life, which has been spinning around over personal matters which, to my dismay, is getting a bit off hand..hrmm..
Anyways, speaking of which, New Year Resolutions., you may ask? I've got a few, but in order to achieve it, I've to double back and start new. My professional life is no exception, but I must give myself a cheers, cause, I may say, It was a good starting, to begin with this roaring year of the tiger. How I wish I could say the same thing about my personal life though..hrmm.. needless to say, I faired better when I was alone, I mean, handling my life all by myself IS tedious, complex and mind boggling process (to my folks at least) but, I'm okay. I have now yet to decide, whether all my efforts all this past four years to this person I've loved most is worth it. I've a lot to lose, but if that is the only way to clean up my life, start new and move forward, by all means I'll do it. If it is indeed a time for me to turn a new leaf, then let it be. I'll not straddle myself on the rocky shores of life and cry in vain when everything went horribly wrong. That ain't me..

So I'll say hola to 2010, I hope it'll yield the best out of me.