Windows 7 - The Review

It has been always the hardest choice for me when it comes to choosing OSes for my netbook, notebook or PC. It's like searching for the ultimate best from the offerings Microsoft have to give. My best bet was Windows XP but since Microsoft would be discontinuing  their support for XP later in 2010 so I guess well, this is has always to be either Vista or Ubuntu. You people may as well say ' Just get the fark out and choose any of those two" but unfortunately, it does not work that way for me... Just like any car aficionados that would pump up thousands of Ringgits just to make sure that their ride(s) has the torque, the speed and agility whilst pimping out the bodywork so that it would stand out from the rest of the crowd, well, the same thing applies when it comes to me and my eccentricity towards OSes and my gadgets. Based on my experiences in coaching teachers on Technology all these years, I could really see that most of them would just buy a laptop and let hell loose inside. I mean, this was the moment when I coined the term Penternak Virus Berjaya since they're so negligent in keeping those expensive lappies healthy and fit (and virus free of course). In my ultimate search for a x86 perfection, I finally ruled out Ubuntu and opted Windows 7 instead. So many would ask, What's so farking good with Windows 7? Sure it looks like Windows Vista on steroids but you've got to see it (install it first) then only you could feel it. To keep things simple, here's what many people would think ~

  • 7 is faster than Vista, and in most cases, faster than XP.
  • 7 has a lot of new and very nice features that aren't in other versions.
  • 7 looks nice, is designed for touchscreen interaction (everything is larger by default)
  • 7 is fully compatible with Vista (uses the same kernel)
  • 7 has compatibility mode with XP SP3 & Vista SP2.
  • 7 is not easily upgraded from XP, it's the same process as XP to Vista
So, enuff said hehe : )


Master Mervyn said...

P.S: Of course, I would LOVE to own an IMac ehehe