Life's a second back...

It has been a while since my last post. I've been phasing in and out from my extremely tight and busy schedule. I've been so preoccupied with work, sometimes, I just don't know where to stop.. As soon as I hit my bed, I'll doze off almost immediately. Such is my life. Not only that my skin is getting tanned and burned by the athletics training, sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate to almost, well, everything in hand.

I celebrated my 29th birthday last friday. Since it's a working day, so just like all my birthdays before, I celebrated it in the field, with my pupils. Theonly  exception was that there were no Birthday Cake and no post party bash. I was there, running in my glorified 29th year of living, with my kids.

I was resting in the canteen drinking some juice when my phone rang. It was mum. I thought she had forgotten that it was my birthday that day. Here's what she said

Mum: Are you still training on the field?

Me: No, I'm resting now. I'll continue my training afterwards

Mum: Okay, you don't go about and do vigorous training ah. You might injure yourself.

Me: Okay mum.

Mum: And happy Birthday... Mummy loves you so much....

Me: (a moment of silence)..Thanks Mum. I love you too.... But why didn't daddy called me up? (Initially I though he had forgotten his dear son's birthday)

Mum: He'll call you up later. Okay, I've to go to work now. Have a nice day.

p.s: mum, we never agreed on almost anything but one thing for sure, I love you soo much.

At around 3pm, my dad rang me up..

Dad: Are you still at school?

Me: No Dad, I'm going to kily's place. We're doing some assignments together. Why?

Dad: Just want to say happy birthday to you. Sorry, I did not forget about your birthday. It's just that I was too busy with work lately and have to go to office early.

Me: It's understandable dad, no worry there..

Dad: Mum phoned me just now, she thought I've completely forgotten 'bout your birthday. I didn't. Anyways happy birthday. Have a nice day.

p.s: Mum and Dad; I love both of you soo much

Later in the evening, as I came home from my friend's house, I was hugged by my youngest brother. He never did that to me, and my sister gives me a peck on my cheeks. Looking around me, I've realised that my siblings are all grown ups now, and they lead  a wonderful life, each to his/her own. But the essence of being a family never tarnished, despite all of us are 24/7 working professionals..and that was the best birthday gift I've ever had.