I went through some blogs made by friends around the net last nite. Since I'm not entirely well versed on how to make out cool and striking blogs with layouts that's just shouting "Hey, It's My Blog!!" kind of thingie, I made a few Network Sweeps and finally I got to grasp on how to customize my blog.

The thing was ~ I did not read the "Readme" part of the instruction so I accidentally deleted my widgets in the process. I said to myself "Never Mind" I think I have encapsulated enough html codes from my previous setting to make do with any changes later on. In the excitement of browsing for new templates for my blog refitting, I've forgotten that the html codes were still on my clipboard, and I've been all to generous doing C and Y over several webpages, and to my dismay, my codes were all overwritten and gone...dang!!!!

I've settled with this grey look on my blog because ~ I like dark colours. The others were too vectorish, or too girlish, some are tad boring. I settled with this one, and started rebuilding my widgets while adding new ones.

Still, I'm overcoming my insecurities pertaining to the Choir Competition next week.. The last time I've involved with such competition was 4 years ago... I don't know whether I'll be able to strike the piano keys just right, or going down embarrased with the whole thing...Butterflies is fleeting in my stomach again...damn.