My past is something worthwhile. I've gone through a lot. If my past is like a book, I'll be flipping through those wonderful years growing up and making a stand as an individual in this unfrogiving world, again and again. Sometimes, I wished so much that I'm able to relive and stayed in those yesteryears.
In the process of becoming who I am now, I've met a lot of people. Those who stand by me in times of tribulations, and those who went on and hurt me in many ways. My patience was tested time and again, and at one point I was at the brink of going overboard when God snapped His fingers, and I realised it was something not quite right to do.
Why do I have to endure all this, I said to myself. The question went unanswered. I've people who loved me, but I longed for those who've had hurt me. I tried to put my fingers, hoping that when the blame is on others the pain would be much easier to bear but no, it didn't. I went through a gamut of days and years seeking why some of these people hated me so much. I broke into pieces, and I went on secluding myself, and thought 'maybe I'll be better off alone'. Then, those who confided with me, showed me, that, some things are meant to happen, and that humans we are, tend to hurt others. I sincerely blamed myself because I closed my eyes to this fact. I've never hurt others before and no one ever hurts me. Maybe it's the call I'm suppose to wake upon. Life is not always you wanted it to be; it's a give and take basis, live and let go.
I kept that past somewhere inside my consciousness, I knew all the while, some of them cared for me but they didn't. They went and leave. Maybe it's time I've picked my pieces and start off with a new draw of cards. My past is the past. I'll live today and anticipate tommorow, with a smile, knowing that there's always someone out there who loved me as much as everyone else.