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Applegeeks is a webcomic illustrated by Mohammad "Hawk" Haque, and written by Ananth Panagariya. The comic is usually updated every Monday and Thursday. A small, spin-off comic, dubbed Applegeeks Lite, was begun on April 18, 2006,[2] and updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Applegeeks' original editor, Emily Adamo, now writes and draws her own webcomic, Fun in Jammies.[citation needed]

Applegeeks is largely based around the misadventures of "Hawk," a somewhat delusional college student with an unnatural fondness for Apple products; his aspiring writer friend, Jayce; and their friends and cohorts. The comic's format shifts between gag-a-day material to spurts of continuity, often dealing with material related to technological accomplishments (with unforeseen results), quasi-romantic unease, or situational comedic moments between the characters. It has currently shifted to a far darker tone with the beginning of the Exodus story arc.

In its early history, Applegeeks was often compared to another popular webcomic, Mac Hall, written by Matt Boyd and illustrated by Ian McConville.[3] However, both comics have since taken different directions in both art and humor. Artistically, McConville has moved into a painted, cel-shaded style, while Haque has gone with a more traditional inked look and anime inspired coloring. In writing, Boyd continues to represent college dorm humour with the occasional video game reference, while Panagariya has produced humor based on technological blunders and lasting character relationships.

Applegeeks has finished its first book called ""Applegeeks Volume 1: Freshman Year" and includes the strips first two years of material. It is currently up for pre-order and is scheduled for release in early May 2009 . In late 2005, Applegeeks fan Chris Davis used the Lulu.com publishing service to publish his own trade paper back of Applegeeks comics.[4] Haque and Panagariya expressed discontent,[5] although they did not threaten legal action.[4] Reportedly, the matter was later resolved, with Davis apologizing for his actions and admitting them to be in "bad form."[4]

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