My New School ^_^


I'm a teacher. I don't do magic or miracles. Sometimes, I succeed in my pursuit, sometimes, I failed. Teachers are human too. They have emotions. They experience joy and pain. Teachers are working professionals. That's why we are accredited to uphold a child's future in our hands. It may sound traditional or a bit back logged, but now I see my purpose in this life of mine..teaching others, not just the worldly knowledge, but life itself.

SK.Liau, or Liau Elementary School, is only 10-15 minutes from my home. It is by the roadside. A small school, I may say, but with great teachers to handle the entire school itself. Dedicated, Faithful and Committed to work, Liau Elementary is so much different from my former posting. In this school I felt alive, more vibrant, more creative and more..alive.. In this school I felt accepted, appreciated and loved. I can relate myself to all the kids and staffs. I can relate myself to the janitors and gardeners because we share one common grounds ~ trust and respect. When you're teacher, you'll be in unison with the school, like a family. A family should have trust and respect. So does a school, the teachers and its students. It is because we stand out as a family. It doesn't matter if we made mistakes, as long as there's someone who can accept it, we'll be okay.

I wish to my former school all the best of luck. Things are otherwise, much different there than here. I wish I could share with my former colleagues my joy and happiness, but with respect to them, they've chosen the path they're taking right now. I bid you all farewell, let me loose and slip away, fading out in your memories.. because I intend to start fresh..and Liau Elementary.. is just the place, to begin with it.